Examples of what we could achieve together


Australia F.C.

A project developed with the support of the Football Federation Victoria to help football teams and organizations across the state to embrace digital technologies and maximize their reach out.


  • Solution: Website
  • Purpose: Increase community engagement
  • Features: Website + Ecommerce + Blog
  • Industry: Sports (Football)


A new Latin American educational platform focused on Business, Creativity and Technology. Intelekta offers students and instructors the ideal market place to publish and access top-quality educational content.


  • Customer: Intelekta Co.
  • Purpose: Online learning marketplace
  • Features: Elearning + Blog
  • Industry: Education (Tech, Business & Creative)


An e-learning platform in which passionate Japanese native instructors provide students worldwide with access to excellent educational content and live instructor lessons.


  • Customer: Japademy Pty. Ltd.
  • Purpose: Japanese Learning Platform
  • Features: Elearning + Blog
  • Industry: Languages (Japanese)

Daexs Tech.

A leading company in the development and operation of financial and technological solutions based on Blockchain technology in the Latin American market.


  • Customer: Daexs Pty Ltd.
  • Purpose: Showcase products & services
  • Features: Website + Blog
  • Industry: Blockchain (cryptocurrencies)

Gypsy & Pig

The first restaurant in Australia to delight its customers with Kurobuta Pork (Black Pig), the most highly prized pork in Japan and regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.


  • Customer: Gypsy & Pig
  • Purpose: Increase calls & food deliveries
  • Features: Website
  • Industry: Food (Japanese)

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